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Velia AD 280 AR plated didrachm 4.52 g 1.98 cm 2.2 cm 3h

obverse: hd Athena l wearing Attic helmet decorated with griffin Φ AP monogram
reverse: lion stg r caducaeus filleted above YEΛHTΩN in ex
Williams 527-539, Mangieri 135, Rutter HNI 1316
Munthandel G. Henzen 1996 

Mangieri (1986) Velia e la sua monetazione. n. 135
ca. 390/ca.275-250 BC
The caduceus can be linked with the cult of Asklepios and possible existence in the 4C BC of a medical school at Velia.
AP monogram may be the abbreviation of an engraver's name (activity may be placed in the 6th period around 334-300 or immediately afterwards)

Williams (1992) The silver coinage of Velia. n. 527-539
c. 293/290-c. 280 BC) 527-539

Rutter (2001) Historia Numorum Italy. n. 1316 c. 280 BC