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Syracuse 415-405 BC AE hemilitron ? 3.59 g 1.51 cm 1.51 cm

obverse: hd Arethusa l wearing sphendone. Dolphin or grain ear behind (if any)
reverse: wheel with four spokes 2 dolphins in the lower parts ΣY-PA
Calciati CNS II 19-23, Hoover HCS 1479
Munthandel G. Henzen list February 1995 19, January 1996 d; 

S Scarce

Calc. 19 signed issues. Obv.  ±dolphin behind neck. KIM     Kimon
                                                    EY      Eukleidas
                                                    E       Eumenes?
                                                    phi PI  Phrygillos
Calc. 20 Obv. dolphin behind neck (This exemplar Calc. 20?)
Calc. 21 Obv. ear of corn behind neck (This series is signed by Eukleidas)
Calc. 22 Obv. no symbols behind neck
Calc. 23 countermarked coin