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Syracuse 317-310 BC AE hemidrachm 9.83 g 2.21 cm 2.3 cm 7h

obverse: hd Persephone l wreathed with grain, torch behind ΣYPAKOΣIΩN
reverse: bull charging l dolphin above and below. Magistrate name or monogram above
Hoover HCS 1444, Calciati CNS II 96
Munthandel G. Henzen October 1995 

S Scarce c. 317-310 BC (Agathokles)

?                   [CALCIATI, 1986, 1995]
hemidrachm/dilitron [SNG America Part 5, 1988] Hemidrachm if decrease in weight has continued.
                                               Dilitron if bronze standard has slightly restored (two dolphins di...).
hemilitron          [SNG Budapest, 1993]