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Carthago (among others) 400-350 BC AE unit 2.76 g 1.61 cm 1.61 cm

obverse: hd Tanit l wreathed with corn
reverse: horse stg r palm-tree in background
Alexandropoulos p366 18
Holleman Munten October 1995 list 104 28 

Siculo-Punic coin, 325-300 BC

Obv. head of Tanit, wreathed with corn, wearing necklace and triple-drop ear-ring
Rev. horse standing, palm-tree in background

2.76 g   Holleman Munten, list 104 (1995) no. 28

Jenkins-Lewis (1963) Appendix 3 pp 132-134
describe 16 varieties on account of pellet patterns

                                    obv.                    rev.

                              1.    no marks                no marks
3.50 g Henzen 12/93 66
2.76 g Holleman 104 28
2.43 g Holleman April 1996 g
                              2.                            pellet above back
                              3.    pellet behind hd        pellet at the fore foot
                              4     no marks                pellet in front
                              5.                            two pellets in front
                              6.    some pellet on leaf     three pellets in front
2.23 g Henzen 129 (2002) 384
                              7.    pellet behind hd 
                              8.    pellet in front of hd   three pellets at the fore foot
                              9.                            three pellets above back
                             10.                            three pellets in a row in front
                             11.                            four pellets behind fore legs
                             12.                            four pellets in front
                             13.    some pellet behind hd   three pellets in front, one pellet at the fore foot
2.43 g Holleman 106 29
                             14.                            three pellets in front, one pellet behind fore legs
                             15.                            three pellets in front, two pellets in front of the fore legs
                             16.                            three pellets in a row in front, three pellets below fore legs