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Thessalian League 27-14 BC AE assarion 5.2 g 1.87 cm 1.9 cm 11h

obverse: hd Athena r wearing Corinthian helmet NYΣΣANΔPOY
reverse: horse prancing r grain ear in front ΘEΣΣAΛΩN
Rogers 46
A.G. van der Dussen b.v. Auction 23 (1995) 893 22/27 

Magistrate Nyssandros

E. Rogers, The Copper Coinage of Thessaly (London, 1932)

Following the great victory of the Roman general Flamininus over Philip V of Macedon, in 197 BC,
the freedom of the Greeks was proclaimed at Corinth and a number of new autonomous coinages were initiated.
Those in the name of the Thessali were struck probably at Larissa.