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Syracuse 375-344 BC AE drachm 30.52 g 2.89 cm 2.89 cm 7h

obverse: hd Athena l wearing Corinthian helmet ΣYPA
reverse: sea-star between two dolphins pellet between hds dolphins?
Calciati CNS II 62, Hoover HCS 1436
Munthandel G. Henzen November 1994 14 

C Common
Struck under Dionysios I and Dionysios II

Calc. 62 [Daily pay of a mercenary]
Calc. 63 Die damaged
Calc. 64 Overstrike
Calc. 65 Countermarked
Calc. 66 Rev. Pellet between the tails of the dolphins
Calc. 67 Rev. pellet between the heads of the dolphins
Calc. 68 Die proof?
Calc. 69 Obv. Letter "A" behind hd of Athena (indication of value?)