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Numidia 203-118 BC AE unit 15.25 g 2.62 cm 2.63 cm 12h

obverse: hd male (Massinissa or Micipsa) l, laureate and bearded
reverse: horse jumping l
Muller III,18,32; SNG Cop 505-507; Alexandropoulos
Catawwiki 25 June 2015 19 (monetahistoria = Munthandel G. Henzen) 

KINGS of NUMIDIA. Massinissa or Micipsa. 203-148 BC or 148-118 BC. (26mm, 13.35 g, 11h). Laureate and bearded head left / Horse rearing left; pellet below. MAA 18a; SNG Copenhagen 505.