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Himera 420-408 BC AE AE17 4.3 g 1.61 cm 1.79 cm 8h

obverse: nymph stg l with amphora in r outstretched hand; l arm leant on her side, lion-skin l
reverse: boar r running, pellet above and beneath
Calciati CNS I p. 46 42, Hoover HCS 490
Catawiki Ancient Coins (Greek & Eastern) 3 20 Jan 2016 lot 62 (Davidson Ltd, collectionite76) 

Area of Himera
409-... BC Calciati (Probably after the the destruction of the city in 409 BC by Hannibal)

Coinage of the Himeraia ?
420-409/8 hexas Hoover