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Syracuse 405-375 BC AE hemilitron 4.35 g 1.68 cm 1.67 cm

obverse: hd Arethusa l [ΣYPA in front]
reverse: incuse square of four quarters in the centre incuse circle with a star of 16 rays
Calciati CNS II p. 41, 18, Hoover HCS 1481
Catawiki Ancient Coins (Greek & Eastern) 12 23 Mar 2016 lot 95 (Brumus Numismatica) 

S Scarce

hemilitron (Calciati)

Calc. 16  Rev. Star with 8 rays. Signated? issues (Obv. behind the neck the letter E (signature engraver?)
Calc. 17  Description of an overstrike.
Calc. 18  Rev. Star with 16 rays.