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Arles AD 337-348 AE AE4 1.42 g 1.41 cm 1.41 cm 12h

obverse: hd Constantius II r diad., dr. and cuir. CONSTANTIVS P F AVG
reverse: two Victories facing each other , each holding wreath and palm. P in lower centre VICTORIAE DD AVGG Q NN, in ex PARL
RIC VIII 84, (RCV 3999, C 293, RIC 72)

Constantius II 317 (Caesar 324-337) 337-361 Mopsucrene Cilicia (south coastal region of Asia Minor)
2nd son Constantinus I (the Great) aand Fausta.
After the death of his father:
Constantius II eastern territories from Asia minor to Cyrenaica , and two years later (339) he also acquired Thrace and Constantinople.
350 After the death of Constans he marched against Magnentius (Western usorpator 350-353)
359 War with Persia
360 His cousin Julianus proclaimed Augustus at Paris by his troops.
361 Marching to the West attacked by fever and died at Mopsucrene Cilicia (south coastal region of Asia Minor)