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Rome? 30-29 BC AR plated denarius 2.31 g 1.72 cm 1.93 cm 3h

obverse: Victory stg r on prow. Holding wreath and palm
reverse: Octavian in triumphal quadriga r holding branch IMP CAESAR
RCV I 1555, RSC 115, RIC 264
Schulman B.V. 17 Febr 1978. 

Gaius Octavianus 23 Sept 63, Augustus BC 27 BC-AD 14

Rome ?, autumn 30 BC
RSC 115 c. BC 30-27 This and most of the following with the legend IMP CAESAR refers to his triumph after
the battle of Actium (West coast Greece) against the combined fleet of Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius (2 Sept 31 BC) and
the defeat of Sextus Pompey (Sicilian Revolt 44-36 BC).