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Cyzicus AD 295-297 AE post-reform radiate 2.81 g 2.13 cm 2.14 cm 6h

obverse: hd Maximianus r radiated, draped, cuirassed IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS P F AVG
reverse: Jupiter presents Victory on a globe to Maximianus Jupiter holding sceptre CONCORDIA MILITVM, mintmark KΓ
(RCV 3639), RIC VI, 15b
Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, 19 Febr 1978 

Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus Herculius 249/250 (Sirmium, Servia) - 310
310 Constantine besieged him in Massilia (Marseille).
After the fall of the city, the old emperor was put to death, or perhaps committed suicide

286-305 1st reign
306-308 2nd reign
310-310 3rd reign