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Antioch AD 280-281 AR antoninianus 3.51 g 2 cm 2.01 cm 12h

obverse: hd Probus r radiated, draped IMP C M AVR PROBVS P F AVG.
reverse: female l presenting wreath to Probus r B in field, XXI in ex RESTITVT ORBIS
RCV III 12021, C 509, RIC 925
Muntenbeurs Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, 22 Oct 1978 

Marcus Aurelius Probus c 232 (Sirmium - Illyria, Sremska Mitrovica - Servia) 276-282 (killed by soldiers near Sirmium)
276 After the death of Tacitus proclaimed emperor by his troops in Syria and Egypt.
Florianus half-brother of Tacitus assumed the imperial power supported by his army and the majority of the provinces.
Confrontation in Asia Minor. Florianus was murdered.
282 Killed by soldiers near Sirmium.

273 Aurelius restored the antoninianus to about its original size and fixed the silver content at about 5%,
perhaps indicated by the XXI mark frequently mentioned in the exergue.
B (=2) officina mark