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Antioch AD 249 billon tetradrachm 12.61 g 2.7 cm 2.86 cm 10-11h

obverse: hd Philippus I r laureated, draped cuirassed bust AVTOK K M IOVLI FILIPPOC CEB
reverse: eagle stg l with wreath in beak DEMARC EXOVCIAC UPATO D, ANTIOXIA SC below
SNG Cop 268 (
Ruilbeurs Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, 28 Apr 1980 

Marcus Julius Philippus c 204 (Arabia) 244-249 (killed in the battle at Verona)
244 The young Gordianus III deposed by the army and put to death.
Philippus proclaimed emperor in his place.
249 His general Decius was send to Moesia.
Was proclaimed emperor by the army.
Marched on Italy and met Philip in battle at Verona
Philip and his son were both killed.