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Judaea - Ascalon AD 111-112 AE AE24 12.31 g 2.35 cm 2.38 cm 12h

obverse: hd Trajanus r laureate CEBACTOC
reverse: city-goddess stg l on prow, holding standard and aphlaston. Altar l, dove r ~ACKAΛΩ, EIC
GIC 1093
Schulman auction 271 (Nov 1980) lot 2789 (18/22) 

Marcus Ulpius Trajanus c 52 (Spain) 98-117

EIC = year 215 of the Era of Ascalon = AD 111/12
The aphlaston, or aplustre, was a component of the ancient warship
that was understood as an abstract form of a bird with multiple beaks facing inward from the stern.