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Arles AD 378-383 AE AE4 1.43 g 1.35 cm 1.33 cm 8h

obverse: hd Gratianus r pearl diademed, draped and cuirassed D N GRATIANVS P F AVG
reverse: VOT XV MVLT XX in laurel wreath VOT XV MVLT XX, in ex SCON
(RCV 4145), RIC IX 24.1, LRBC 552
Muntenbeurs Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, 18 Oct 1981 - Van Slageren, Arnhem 

Flavius Gratianus c 360 367-383 son of Valentinianus I (321 364-375) and Severa
After the death of his father sole ruler of the Western division of the Empire.
378 Hadrianopolis

SCon or PCON Arelatum/Constantina (Arles, France) 313 - 475 A.D.
A, AR, ARL, CON, CONST, KON, KONSTAN (Notes: In 328 Arelatum was renamed Constantina in honor of Constantine II.
After Constantine II was killed in 340, the name reverted to Arelate, only to be changed again in 354 to Constantina by Constantius II.
It retained that name, although the mintmark 'AR' appeared on some of its coins even in the fifth century.) (

Muntenhandel Dr. R. van Slageren Arke Noachstraat 3a Arnhem