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Rome AD 218-219 AR antoninianus 6.09 g 2.15 cm 2.17 cm 7h

obverse: hd Julia Maesa r diademed and draped bust, crescent behind shoulders IVLIA MAESA AVG
reverse: Pietas stg l sacrificing over altar and holding box of incense PIETAS AVG
RCV II 7747, RSC 30, RIC 264
Schulman Auction 274 lot 4204 (1/4), 23 mrt 1982 

Julia Maesa c 165 - c 224 as her younger sister Julia Domna (wife of Septimius Severus) daughter of the high-priest of the Emesan sun-god Elah-Gabal
daughters: Julia Soaemias and Julia Mamaea
grandmother of Elagabalus (Julia Soaemias his mother)