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Rome AD 264-266 billon antoninianus 1.44 g 1.6 cm 1.6 cm 12h

obverse: hd Gallienus r radiate GALLIENVS AVG
reverse: Mars stg l holding olive-branch , resting on shoeld, spear against l arm MARTI PACIFERO, H
RCV III 10288, RIC 236, RSC 617-618c
Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam 20 Febr 1983 

Publius Licimius Egnatius Gallienus c 218 253-268
(assassinated while besieging Aureolus (usorpator in name of Postumus) in Milan
by staff officers including Claudius II and Aurelianus)
Son of Valerianus c 195 253-260 and Mariniana

rev H (=8 officina mark) in l field

Uncertain Syrian mint
Cologne 257-60
Rome or Siscia
Uncertain Asia Minor mint 268
Viminacium, Moesia Superior
Eastern field-mint 257
Sirmium? Pannonia
Rome and/or Antioch

Decline fineness of the alloy
260 15%
266 5%
270 2.5%