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? AD 337-348 AE AE4 1.05 g 1.34 cm 1.34 cm 12h

obverse: Constans r diademed, draped and cuirassed CONSTANS AVG
reverse: soldier spearing fallen horseman GLORIA EXERCITVS, in ex ?
((RCV '88 3970 ?)
Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam 20 Febr 1983  

Flavius Julius Constans c 320 - 350 (at the foot of the Pyrenees)
Youngest son of Constantine I and Fausta
333-337 Caesar
337-350 Augustus, Italy, Africa and the Balkan
339 Thrace and Constantinople to his brother Constantius
340 his brother Constantine invaded his territories but was defeated and killed. Constans master of the western half of the Empire
350 Magnentius rebelled at Augustodonum (Autun).
Constans fled from Gaul in the direction of Spain, but was murdered near the fortress of Helene at the foot of the Pyrenees.