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Rome AD 210-211 AR denarius 2.79 g 1.66 cm 1.66 cm 12h

obverse: hd Septimius Severus r laureate SEVERVS PIVS AVG BRIT
reverse: Salus seated l feeding out of patera in right hand snake coiled in lap P M TR P XVIII COS III P P
RSC III 549, RIC IV Sept Sev 242
Schulman Auction 278, 1632*. 23 February 1984.  

Lucius Septimius Severus 11 th April 146 (Near Leptis Magna, N Africa) 193-211 (Eboracum, York)
198 Caracalla joint Augustus
209 Geta joint Augustus

Schulman 1984 Auction 278 1615-1802: Hoard of Roman denarii and antoniniani Bocholtz - The Netherlands