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Rome AD 282 billon antoninianus 4.06 g 2.24 cm 2.24 cm 6h

obverse: hd Carus r radiate, draped and cuirassed IMP CARVS P F AVG
reverse: Jupiter stg l holding Victory and sceptre, eagle at feet IOVI VICTORI, in ex KAB
RCV III 12171, RIC 39, C 36
Muntenbeurs Congrescentrum Den Haag 12 Sept 1984, Holleman Munten 

Marcus Aurelius Carus c 224 (Narbo) 282-283
283 successful campain against the Sarmatians and Quadi, who had crossed the Danube and ravaged Pannonia
Campaign against Sasanid Persia with Numerianus
His sons Carinus and Numerianus joint emperor
Carus found dead in his tent. Dead by lightning or treachery by the praetorian prefect Arrius Aper father-in-law of Numerianus

Rev in ex KA (mint mark) B (=2 Officina mark)