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Rome AD 217-218 AR denarius 2.96 g 1.97 cm 1.97 cm 12h

obverse: hd Macrinus r long bearded, laureate, cuirassed IMP CM OPEL SEV MACRINVS AVG
reverse: Securitas stg l draped, legs crossed, holding sceptre in right hand and resting left arm on SECVRITAS TEMPORVM
RIC IV Macrinus 92b
Holleman Munten List 60 *155, 9 Nov 1984  

Marcus Apelius Severus Macrinus 164 (Caesarea - Mauretania) 217-218
Defeated by the Persians
Peace unfavourable to the Romans. Dimmed his popularity.
Open revolt by the Syrian army
Macrinus defeated, fled to Chalcedon but was captured and slain, together with his young son Diadumenian.

The portrait with the longer beard and looking older, probably the true portrait. BMC attributes these to the Antioch mint.