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Rome AD 283-284 billon antoninianus 3.06 g 2.09 cm 2.09 cm 6h

obverse: hd Numerianus r radiate, draped and cuirassed IMP NVMERIANVS AVG
reverse: Mercury stg l holding purse in r hand and caduceus in l hand PIETAS AVGG, in ex KAΔ
RIC V Carus 416
Schulman Auction 282 lot 2925 (7/12) Nov 1985 

Numerianus (Marcus Aurelius Numerianis) c 253 283-284
Augustus with Carus (his father, till 283) and Carinus (his older brother)
283 Campaign against the Persians with his father Carus.
Capture of the Sasanid capital Ctesiphon on the river Tigris.
Carus found dead in his tent. Dead by lightning or treachery by the praetorian prefect Arrius Aper father-in-law of Numerianus.
Peace with the defeated Persians.
Returned through Asia to meet his brother to discuss future plans.
Fell ill and was discovered dead near Nicomedia (Oct/Nov 284).
Arrius Aper accused of the murder by Diocles, commander of the emperor's bodyguard.
Diocles (Diocletianus), proclaimed emperor by the soldiers,
continued westwards to challenge Carinus for the supreme imperial authority.