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Rome AD 270 billon antoninianus 2.56 g 2.18 cm 2.04 cm 8h

obverse: hd Quintillus r radiate, draped and cuirassed IMP C M AVR CL QVINTILLVS AVG
reverse: Laetitia stg l holding wreath and anchor set on globe LAETITIA AVG, XII in r field
RCV III 11444
Robert Schulman Auction 291, 1179. Apollo Hotel 25-26 Sept 1990 

Marcus Aurelius Quintillus (Aug - Oct/Nov 270), younger brother of Claudius II Gothicus.
Proclaimed emperor by his troops in Aquileia after Claudius' death at Sirmium (plague)
Added Claudius name to his own.
Aurelianus proclaimed emperor by his troops on the Balkan.
The forces of Aurelianus far superior.
Quintillus committed suicide.

XII Officina mark
Laetitia Goddess of Joy and Happiness