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Thessalonica AD 360-363 AE maiorina 4.76 g 1.81 cm 1.8 cm 6h

obverse: hd Valentinianus II r helmeted, draped and cuirassed, holding spear and shield D N VALENTINIANVS P F AVG
reverse: emperor stg in galley Victory steering at stern, wreath left GLORIA ROMANORVM, TESA
(RCV '88 4161), RCV V 20257
Holleman munten List 94, 214, March 1993 

Valentinianus II (Flavius Valentinianus) 371 (at Acincum - Pannonia) 375-392, son of Valentinianus I 364-375
375 Augustus of the West together with his half-brother Gratianus 367-383
383-388 usorpator Magnus Maximus, Valentinianus possessed only Italy
387 Magnus Maximus invaded Italy. Valentinianus II fled to Theodosius I 379-395 in the East
388 Valentinianus II and Theodosius I defeated and executed Maximus. Valentinianus ruler of the West
392 Valentinianus II strangled. Eugenius 392-394, the nominee of general Arbogastes, successor.
394 Theodosius I defeated Eugenius. Theodosius now sole ruler over the entire Empire.
395 Theodosius died in Milan, a victim of dropsy.