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Rome AD 247 AR antoninianus 3.53 g 2.25 cm 2.2 cm 12h

obverse: hd Philippus II r radiate, draped IMP PHILIPPVS AVG
reverse: Philippus I and II seated l side by side, their r hands extended. Philippys I holding short sceptre. LIBERALITAS AVGG III
RCV III 9265
Holleman munten List 95 May 1993 *163 

Marcus Julius Severus Philippus born c 237
244-247 Caesar
247-249 Augustus together with his father Philippus I 244-249
249 Trajanus Decius 249-252 as general success against Gothic invaders. Proclaimed emperor by his troops
249 Philippus II and his father defeated (and killed) by Trajanus Decius in the battle at Verona