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Cyzicus AD 406-408 AE AE3 1.95 g 1.61 cm 1.59 cm 5h

obverse: hd Honorius r diademed, draped and cuirassed. Star behind D N Honorius P F AVG
reverse: three emperors stg Arcadius, Honorius and Theodosius II, the outer two holding spears GLORIA ROMANORVM, SMK A
RCV '88 4255, RIC X Cyzicus 149, RCV V 21010
Munthandel G Henzen List July 1993 256 

Honorius 384, 393-423
393 Augustus with his father Theodosius I 379-395
395 Honorius succeeded to the throne of the Western division of the Empire
Arcadius 377, 383-408, the elder son of Theodosius I took the Eastern division
Real power in the hands of Stilicho his guardian, whose daughter Honorius later married
406 Barberians, mostly Vandals crossed the Rhine
Visigoths, under Alaric, threatend Italy
408 Stilicho the great general was executed
Italy at the mercy of Alaric
410 Rome sacked by the Goths
Alaric died, succeeded by Ataulf
412 Ataulf the successor of Alarc led the Visigoths out of Italy into Gaul
Recovery for the Western division under the great general Constantius
421 Constantius raised to the rank of Augustus by Honorius
423 Honorius died in Ravenna