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London AD 290-291 billon antoninianus 4.64 g 2.56 cm 2.41 cm 8h

obverse: hd Carausius r radiate,draped and cuirassed IMP CARAVSIUS P F AVG
reverse: Pax stg l holding olive-branch and sceptre PAX AVG, B E, ML XXI
RCV IV 13639
Munthandel G Henzen List August 1993 203 

Carausius (Marcus Aurelius Maus(aeus?) Carausius, usorpator Britain and northern Gaul 286-293
from the Menapii (Belgium)
Commander of the Channel fleet under Maximianus 286-305, 306-308, 310, to confront Frankish and Saxon pirates
Carausius enriched himself
Maximianus ordered to arrest and execute his recalcitrant admiral
286 Carausius took possession of Britain
289 Extended his rule over the coastal region of northern Gaul
293 Boulogne (naval base) taken by newly appointed Caesar (293-305) Constantius I 305-306
Carausius assassinated by his chief minister Allectus, usorpator 293-296