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Antioch AD 312 billon follis 5.11 g 1.94 cm 1.97 cm 12h

obverse: hd Maximinus II r laureate IMP C GAL VAL MAXIMINVS P F AVG
reverse: Genius stg l wearing modius, holding hd of Sol and cornucopiae. Star in field l GENIO AVGVSTI, ε Δ, ANT
RCV IV 14840
ING Bank List 43 2056 Sept 1993 

Maximinus II (Daia, Galerius Valerius Maximinus) c 270 (Illyricum) 310-313
305 Eastern Caesar under Galerius his uncle
No promotion after the death of two western Augusti, Constantius I (305-306) and Severus II (306-307)
Also Constantinus I the Great, Caesar of the West no promotion.
Galerius' friend Licinius (308-324) Augustus (had not been Caesar)
310 Both Maximinus II as Constantinus I the Great Augustus
311 Galerius died, Maximinus II added Asia minor to his territoty, Licinius Thrace
313 Maximinus invaded Thrace but was defeated, escaped but died in Cilicia