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Rome AD 364-367 AE AE3 2.34 g 1.61 cm 1.63 cm 12h

obverse: hd Valens r diademed, draped and cuirassed D N VALENS P F AVG
reverse: Valens adv r dragging captive and holding labarum GLORIA ROMANORVM
RCV '88 4117
Munthandel G Henzen List Sept 1993 231 

Valens 328 (Cibalae, Pannonia), 364-378 Eastern provinces
younger brother Valentinianus I 364-375
Campaigning against the Goths on the Danube frontier and against the Persian menace in the East
376 Visigoths (pressed by the Huns) allowed to settle on Roman territory
Goths, badly treated by the Romans, revolted and devastated the countryside of Moesia and Thrace
378 Valens advanced against the barbarians. Roman army degeated, the emperor slain.