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Cologne AD 269 billon antoninianus 2.7 g 1.81 cm 1.71 cm 11h

obverse: hd Marius r radiate, draped and cuirassed IMP C MARIVS P F AVG
reverse: Felicitas stg l holding caducaeus and cornucopiae SAEC FELICITAS
RCV III 11120
Holleman munten List 99 164 April 1994 

Marius (Marcus Aurelius Marius) 269 Gallo-Roman Empire
Spring 269 Postumus assassinated after he refused to allow his troops to pillage Mainz (conquered on Laelianus March-April/May 269)
May 269 Marius proclaimed emperor by his troops
He too fell victim to the violent soldiery
In the 'Historia Augusta' is written that he was killed with a sword of his own manufacture (seems rather fanciful)

Cologne (bulk)
Mainz or Trier, mint opened by Laelianus (smaller issue)