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Sybaris 446-440 BC AR drachm 2.37 g 1.524 cm 1.537 cm 5h

obverse: hd Athena r wearing wreathed Attic helmet
reverse: bull r hd turned back in ex ΣYBAPI
Rutter HNI 1750
Munthandel G. Henzen list 152 (Sept 2004) 16 

510 Sybaris I destroyed by Croton
510-475/470 Sybaris II. Again destroyed by Croton.
453-448 Sybaris III. Once again destroyed by Croton
446-440 With the help of Athens Sybaris IV was founded,
in 444 strengthened by colonists from many parts of the Greek world.
In 440 the original Sybarites were expelled. They founded Sybaris V on the river Traeis.
The name of Sybaris IV was changed to Thourioi.