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Moesia Inferior - Marcianopolis AD 198-217 AE 5-assaria 13.39 g 2.68 cm 2.64 cm 5h

obverse: hds Caracalla and Julia Domna ANTΩNINOC AVTOVCTOC IOVΛIA ΔOMNA
reverse: tempel in which Asklepios VP KVNTIΛIANOV MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN, ε
vgl GIC 2707 (with Zeus in tempel)
Munthandel G. Henzen list 152 (Sept 2004) 324 

Julia Domna mother Caracalla (188) and Geta (189), wife of Septimius Severus 193-211.
Committed suicide in 217 after Caracalla's death and Macrinus proclamation as emperor.