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Milan AD 253-260 AR antoninianus 3.2 g 1.89 cm 1.94 cm 12h

obverse: hd Valerianus r radiated IMP VALERIANVS P AVG
reverse: Salus stg r feeding snake in arms from patera SALVS AVGG
C 202b
Munthandel G. Henzen list 160 (may 2005) 481 

Publius Licinius Valerianus 190/200 253-260
His son co-emperor Gallienus defended the northern frontier.
Valerianus defended the eastern provinces. Goths ravaged Thrace and crossed the Black Sea to Asia Minor.
The Sasanids under Shapur threatened Syria.
Plague on his army made Valerianus to negotiate peace terms with Shapur.
Valerianus was treacherously attacked during the conference and brought in captivity to Persia.

253-260 Valerianus and Gallienus
260-268 Gallienus