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Mysia - Pergamon 282-133 BC AE AE16 3.41 g 1.64 cm 1.64 cm 12h

obverse: hd Athena r wearing crested Attic helmet [decorated with griffin]
reverse: coiled serpent r monogram l, ΦIΛETAIPOY r
Sear GCV II 7228
Munthandel G. Henzen list 206 (2010) 148. 

Regal Bronze Coinage of Pergamon 282-133 BC, these are all inscribed with the name of
the Attalid dynasty's founder Philetairos, and firm attributions to particular reigns
are nor yet possible. (GCV 2 1979 p 678)

Pergamene Kingdom

282-263 BC Philetairos
263-241 BC Eumenes I
241-197 BC Attalos I Soter
197-159 BC Eumenes II
159-138 BC Attalos II Philadelphus
138-133 BC Attalos III Philometor bequeathed his kingdom to Rome
(Pergamon capital of the Roman province of Asia)

-130 BC Aristonikos (Eumenes III) usurper