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Thrace - Trajanopolis AD 198-217 AE AE15 3.7 g 1.45 cm 1.46 cm 11h

obverse: hd Caracalla r laureated AVT K M AVP[H] ANTΩNEINOC
reverse: serpent-entwined staff of Asklepios TRAIANOΠOΛEITΩN
Moushmov 5042
Sayles & Lavender (7 Dec 2007) 4432. 

Caracalla 188 (Lugdunum) (198-217)

AD 198-217, AE 15mm, Laureate bust right / Serpent entwined around staff. about Fine. Green patina.

The serpent and staff of Aesculapius were common themes on the provincial coinage of Caracalla,
who suffered both physical and mental illness after the murder of his brother Geta.