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Siscia AD 320 AE AE3 2.08 g 1.93 cm 1.86 cm 11h

obverse: hd Constantinus II l laureate, cuirassed, holding globe surmounted by Victory CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C
reverse: trophy, two captives seated aside VOT X in trophy VITVS EXERCIT, εSIS
RIC VII Siscia 133
NMB List 3-12-84 1446 vw 153, 25 euro

Constantinus II 314 (Caesar 317-337) 337-340 Aquileia
Eldest son Constantinus I (the Great) aand Fausta.
After the death of his father:
Constantinus II Spain, Gaul and Britain.
Quarrelled with his younger brother Constans. Invaded Italy. Killed in an ambush near Aquileia.
Constantius II eastern territories from Asia minor to Cyrenaica
Constans Italy, Africa and the Balkans (339 Thrace and Constantinople to Constantius)