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Lyon AD 360-363 AE centenionalis 2.71 g 1.81 cm 1.8 cm 6h

obverse: hd Julianus II l helmeted and cuirassed, holding spear and shield D N FL CL IVLIANVS P F AVG
reverse: laurel-wreath VOT X MVLT XX inside, PLVGD in ex
(RCV '88 4074)
Holleman munten List 94, 209, March 1993 vw 207, 29 euro

Julianus II (Flavius Claudius Julianus) c 332 (Constantinople) 360-363
Half-brother of Gallus (Caesar 351-354) and nephew of Constantinus the Great 307-337.
355-360 Caesar
Governorship of Gaul.
Was a very able commander and campained with great success against the barbarian invaders of his province.
360 His troops revolted against Constantius II 337-361 and proclaimed him Augustus.
361 Constantius II on his way to put down the revolt died in Cilicia.
363 Julianus II killed in battle against the Persians.

He strongly favoured the old pagan religion
'the Apostate"