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Nicomedia AD 348-350 AE centenionalis 4.86 g 2.03 cm 2.05 cm 7h

obverse: hd Constans l diademed, holding globe D N CONSTANS P F AVG
reverse: soldier stg r leading young barbarian from hut beneath tree (to Christianity?) FEL TEMP REPARATIO, SMN A or Δ
(RCV '88 3976), RIC VIII p.476, 70
ING Bank List 43 2120 Sept 1993 vw 242, 20 euro

Constans (Flavius Julius Constans) c 320, 337-350
3rd son Constantinus I the Great and Fausta
316, 337-340 Constantinus II Brittania, Gallia, Hispania, part Mauretania
317, 337-361 Constantius II the East
320, 317-326 Constans Italy, Africa and the Balkans
339 Constans surrendered Thrace and Constantinople to Constantius II
340 Constatinus II invaded Italy, killed in an ambush near Aquikeia
Constans master of the Western half of the Empire
campaigned against the barbarians with considerable success
350 Magnentius usorpator Augustodunum (Autun). Legions joined the revolt
Constans on hunting in Gaul fled in the direction of Spain, but was murdered at the foot of the Pyrenees