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Entella AD 36 AE as ? 8.64 g 1.99 cm 2 cm 11h

obverse: hd Helios r ENT monogram in incuse circle ATPATINOY
reverse: female seated l Tyche/Fortuna holding patera and cornucopiae ENTEΛΛINΩN
Calciati CNS I p. 321 no. 15
Catawiki Ancient Coins 27 34 27 August 2015 (Lanz, collectionite76) vw 892, 75 euro

L. Sempronius Atratinus
Malta in the Hybleans, the Hybleans in Malta: proc. int. conference, Catania, 30 September,
Sliema 10 November 2006 Anthony Bonanno, Pietro Militello Officina di Studi Medievali, 2008 - 377 pagina's

Die Muenzpraegung der Lakedaimonier isbn=311007222X - Vertaal deze pagina Susanne Grunauer-von Hoerschelmann - 1978 - Coins, Greek
... es handelt sich dabei um eine Ehrung für L. Sempronius Atratinus22, dessen Bild und Name der Beamte ... Atratinus hat als Legat unter M. Antonius in Brundisium, Taren t23 und auf Sizilien24 Münzen ... 8 (Entella); 95, A — 6 ( Lilybaion).

SICILY. Entella. Roman rule. 36 BC. AE. READ Jencek HISTORICAL NOTES. (21mm, 7.46g). L. Sempronius Atratinus, Mark Antony's general.
Radiate and draped bust of Helios right / Tyche standing left, holding grain ears and cornucopia. RPC I 653. VF.
A supporter of Mark Antony, Atratinus was one of his legates, serving as propraetor in Greece in 39 BC. In 36 BC he was given command of a portion of a fleet which Antony had sent to help Octavianus deal with Sextus Pompey. In 34 BC he was elected suffect consul on January 1, as Antony resigned his position as consul within 24 hours. Atratinus himself held the consulate until July 1 of that year. At some point prior to the Battle of Actium, Atratinus abandoned Antony and switched his support to Octavianus. He was made proconsular governor of Africa around 23 BC, and was awarded a triumph for his actions there in 21 BC.[10]