Kephaloidion (Cefalu)

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9-8C    BC First settlements on the summit of Cape Cefalu.
...-408 BC The city is under the influence of Himera.

409-396 captured by the Carthaginians (Rash Melkarth? - Promontory of Heracles)

405-396 BC Autonomous city, first bronze issues.
396     BC Alliance with the Carthaginians (Himilcone) against Dionysios of Syracuse.
396     BC Conquered by Dionysios of Syracuse.
344-336 BC The bronze Pegasos series are struck.
339     BC Part of the population of Cefalu, that has left the city after the treaty
           signed with Carthago reaches Eraclea Minoa
           Coins with the legends Kephaloidion and Heraclea are also attributed to Eraclea Minoa 
307     BC Agathocles of Syracuse conqueres the city.
254     BC Captured by the Romans. A period of prosperity begins.

The coins with the legends