Motya (Mozia)

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end 8C BC  Trading center of the Phoenicians from Tyre.
6C BC      Part of the Carthaginian empire.
           Military base during the Punic wars in Sicily.
           The city was under Greek influence with respect to the architecture and 
480 BC     The issue Gorgoneion-palm tree attributed to this period by Tusa Cutroni.
end 5C BC  After the sack of Selinous by Hannibal, Motya becomes very important as a
           trading center and is fortified.
409-397 BC Bronze coins are issued.
397 BC     Dionysios besieges Motya, comquers it and completely destroyes the town.
           After a few years the island is recaptured by Carthago, but the town was
           never rebuilt.
           The people moved to the neighbouring Lilybaion.