Panormos (+Ziz?)

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The site of the mint ZIZ has not been located with certainty yet.
Some authors think of the area of Palermo, others are thinking of Himera.

700 BC       Panormus
480 BC       The Carthaginian navy lands at Panormos.
391 BC       Himilco occupies the town to start the reconquest of the western coast of 
             Sicily conquered before by Dionysios of Syracuse.
276 BC       Pyrrhus conqueres Panormos on the Carthaginians. 
254-253 BC   Occupied by the Romans.
251 BC       Hasdrubal tries to conquer the city, but fails.
247-245 BC   Hamilcar Barca tries to conquer the city. Negative result.
Roman Period Panormos civitas libera et immunis. Great importance in trade, due to 
             its favorable position in the center of the Mediterranean Sea.