AE14 Panormos (or Himera area), 336-330 BC

Obv. hd young male, laureated.
Rev. forepart horse, galloping. Dolphin and SYS(?) in Punic letters beneath.

Calciati 12-14   2.21 g   Munthandel G. Henzen, July 1995 a

SNG Milano XIV (1989
the translation should be SYS, not ZIZ.
Attribution to Erix and Panormus (not certain). 4-end 3C BC.

SNG X (Morcom Collection, 1995), 674
Solus (?) 4C BC. Sometimes wrongly attributed to Tyndaris (e.g. Weber, I, 1754).
Gabrici (Descrizione, 196, 44-52) suggests Solus.

Calciati III (1987, Caccamo hoard pp 273-275, no 12-13)
Rev. variation 13A/H74 with Punic legend KFR.