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12C BC     Egesta (mixed Trojan and Greek descent is claimed)
8-7C BC    Segesta is the most important center of the Elimi, together with Eryx
           and Entella. According to Diodorus, the Elimi came to Sicily a few years 
           before the Sikels.
580 BC     The Greek Pentatlos tries to found a Greek colony near cape Lilibeo with 
           a group Cnidians and Rhodians. These colonists found a home in Segesta. 
580-... BC (6C BC) Quarrel with Selinunte. Segesta Allied with Carthago.
480 BC     Destruction of Himera. Segesta is allied with Athens, and the city is 
           aided against its enemies in 453 BC and 426 BC.
453 BC     Aided by Athens against Segesta's enemies.
426 BC     Aided by Athens against Segesta's enemies.
426-415 BC Pro-Athene
416 BC     Quarrel with Selinous about borders. Segesta asks Athenians for help.
           In this period they start probably building the temple.
415 BC     Athenians defeated by Syracuse. Segesta asks help from Carthago and with
           Hannibal they sack Selinous. Segesta part of the Carthaginian empire.
           The independent coinage of Segesta comes to an end.
(409-307 BC Segesta supported by Carthago against Selinus. Selinunte destructed.   
           Segesta subject-ally of Carthago)
397 BC     Siege by Dionysios of Syracuse. The town is reconquered by a Punic army 
           under the rule of Himilco.
306 BC     Agathocles of Syracuse coming back from Africa, attacks and destroys the 
           city, and changes its name to Dikaiopolis (the city of rectitude).
(307 BC    Plundered by Agathocles of Syracuse.
           Re-peopled by Agathocles.)
           Under the protection of Carthago.
277-276 BC Joined Pyrrhus.
263 BC     Carthago.
260 BC     Murdered the Carthaginian garrison during the first Punic War (264-241).
262 BC     Segesta surrenders to L. Postumius and Q Mamilus. It is proclaimed 
           "Civitas Privilegiata".  First Roman ally