hemilitron of Akragas, end 5C BC

Obv. head of young river-god Akragas
Rev. eagle hd reverted on ionic column; in field l. crab, r. 6 pellets

Calciati 89   17.24 g   D.C. Wehler & Associates Numismatics 1997, G62

dated before the Carthaginian invasion (406 BC) by G.E. Rizzo and S. Consolo Langher.
dated about 338 BC (Akragas rebuilded) by Head and E. Gàbrici (this assumption seems no longer acceptable)
dated 4C BC by U. Westermark, on account of the weight and the shape of the flan.
400-380 BC by Numismatica Ars Classica 13 (1998) 269

17.24 g  Wehler   1997 G62
17.60 g  Holleman 1999
17.25 g  Triton V 133
19.79 g  Numismatica Ars Classica 13 269