tetradrachm of Syracuse, 478 BC ca

Obv. slow quadriga, horses crowned by Nike
Rev. head of female (Arethusa), 4 dolphins around SURAjOSION

Boehringer 45 (V26/R29)   17.24 g    Sotheby's Switzerland Auction Zürich October 1993, 11

Arethusa's hair dressed in krobylos. The Master of the Krobylos first portrayed the krobylos
coiffure consistently, with the hair tucked up behind under a beaded headband.
Victorious quadriga in addition with Nike introduced by Gelon, associated with his Olympic victory of 488 BC,
or, better, Nike commemorates Gelon's great victory over the Carthaginians at Himera.

See die-coupling tetradrachms (Boehringer 34-227)