hemilitron of Syracuse, 415 BC

Obv. head of female (Arethusa) l., hair bound with ampyx and sphendone.
Rev. wheel with 4 spokes, SU RA in the upper quarters; dolphin in each of the lower quarters.

Calciati 22       3.54 g         Jacques Schulman B.V., Auction 271 (1980), no 2789

Calc. 19 signed issues. Obv.  ±dolphin behind neck. KIM     Kimon
                                                    EY      Eukleidas
                                                    E       Eumenes?
                                                    phi PI  Phrygillos
Calc. 20? Obv. dolphin behind neck 
Calc. 21 Obv. ear of corn behind neck (This series is signed by Eukleidas)
Calc. 22 Obv. no symbols behind neck (This exemplar)
Calc. 23 countermarked coin