litra of Syracuse, 409-395 BC

Obv. hd Athena, wearing Corinthian helmet (with olive-wreath), SURA
Rev. hippocamp with bridles

Calciati 44   6.86 g    munthandel G. Henzen, 1995

        additions obv.

C 41    pellet
C 42    pellet, dolphins 
C 43    L                indicative for Litra?
C 44    dolphins         In this series reduction of weight (of the litra) from 9.3 to 5.0 g.
                         May also indicate a lengthening of the period of minting (see CALCIATI, 1986)
C 45                     Most exemplars produced. Found all over Sicily.
                         Circulation for at least three decades (see CALCIATI, 1986)
C 46-61 Countermarked issues