bronze drachm of Syracuse, 395-... BC

Obv. head of Athena, wearing Corinthian helmet bound with olive-wreath, SURA before.
Rev. starfish between two dolphins.

Calciati 62     34.47 g     munthandel G. Henzen, 1995
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Calc. 62 [Daily pay of a mercenary].
Calc. 63 Die damaged.
Calc. 64 Overstrike.
Calc. 65 Countermarked.
Calc. 66 Rev. Pellet between the tails of the dolphins.
Calc. 67 Rev. pellet between the heads of the dolphins.
Calc. 68 Die proof?
Calc. 69 Obv. Letter "A" behind hd of Athena (indication of value?).